Local context sensitivity
Global comparison
Collaborative learning 
Practice based research
Ethic relations


ART today

We witnessed, in the last decade, a worldwide rapidly growing change in the arts towards collaboration and artists working reality. Therefore art has become a powerful AGENT not only in aesthetics, but also in ethical, social, environmental, economic, political, and other contexts. As a result, the interest within contemporary art studies in the art community and art in social transformation context is growing rapidly. This interest includes a new understanding of art and artistic practice, which is evident and much needed. The definition of the artists’ task and role has been expanded from physical and conceptual production within the art field to the realm of social, political, environmental work, and related context relations. Collectives and artists working reality in and with local communities, conflict and transformation contexts, are withering away many conceptual barriers and cultural canons of making art. 


Research and learning environment

Collaborative, transdisciplinary and cultural; interlinking action learning with action research.

reallabs.university footprint includes the following principles

•  Co-creation (collaboration and participation).
•  Art in Action (on the basis of authentic and reflected interaction).
  Sharing and categorical inclusion of stakeholders and problem solving.
•  Self-organisation.
  Community and civic responsibility.