Is run by an interregional network of (art)groups working in community and environmental scapes.

Provides action learning and practice based research on real life issues and local problem situations in real-life contexts.

Adhers to the conepts persaudaraan (Indonesian), zämehalt (Swiss German), and kwai fong (Cantonese), all referreing to close, loyal, and dedicated friendship.

Works with context-bound knowledge and know-how and global comparison.

Interlinks learning, experiencing, and researching ART in ACTION by actively contributing to collaborative problem solving. programme
Generates an inclusive and co-learning environment, where teacher-student-scripts intersect and artistic knowledge production is shifted to local knowledge holders, and a mutual agency of all involved stakeholders contributes to the problem solving.

Is responsive to multiple contexts and value systems.

Promotes alternative action education in the arts, with the aim to boost context sensitive, problem oriented, social and environment sustainable (art) production. 

Consists of self-contained modules/units provided by the REALLABS (artists) groups.

Conditions for applicants
You are interested in learning about art and change processes and about how art can contribute to local needs.
You have experience and interest in the arts and societies.
You are fit to rise to the challenge of functions of arts in different local contexts and problem situations. history was born through the collaborative endeavour of practitioners and researchers from around the world. The idea for our was created by FOA-FLUX and further developed with the participation and collaboration of a kitchen-table-discussion group including WOOFERTEN, JATIWANGI ART FACTORY and FOA-FLUX members; It took its current shape through advise and feedback by associates of, Hyphen Indonesia, IFA Indonesia, IFIMA, Baptist University Hong Kong, Brandeis University, Choki Traditional Art School Bhutan, Srishti, Institute of Art, design and technology, Hong Kong House of Stories, Chingchun Warehouse, and Uravu.